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Squares is a top upvc doors and windows manufacturers in Hyderabad. As a leading upvc windows and doors suppliers and dealers in Hyderabad squares serving people with quality services.


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The demand for high quality and durable windows and doors has been on a high course for the past few years, resulting from the need for more building structure for homes and industries. With the state of art manufacturing facilities in Hyderabad, our 10 years of expertise at Squares UPVC has placed us at the top of the chart among UPVC windows and doors manufacturers and suppliers across the country.

Squares UPVC windows and doors are designed and manufactured with distinct features that serves almost every kind of home or office purpose, which has made our brand the most trusted UPVC windows and doors brand.


Weather Proof

Squares UPVC windows and doors are rust resistant such that do not undergo rusting due to water/rain drops. These products are also heat resistant such that they do not contract/expand due to heat effect. These two properties of Square UPVC windows and doors make them weather resistant such that they are no affected by change in weather, unlike wooden and metallic types.

Maintenance Free

Unlike wooden doors and windows, Squares UPVC windows and doors are resistant to termite attack. They are also designed to be non-corrosive. These features improves the time of use of UPVC doors and windows without need for maintenance.

Strong and Secure

With concealed GI sections reinforcement features, Squares UPVC windows and doors are capable of withstanding wind pressure and strong disturbances. This feature also helps to prevents theft and break-in to homes and offices.

Dust Proof

This feature of Squares UPVC windows and doors helps to avoid dust entrance into homes and offices, ensuring a neatly maintained environment indoors.

Long Life

Squares UPVC windows and doors guarantees weatherproof and durable products that last for decades, still looking new and without need for maintenance.



Sliding Windows

Squares UPVC Sliding Windows are easy to operate by just moving them left and right as they slide on their tracks. These windows are available in various size ranges (both height and width) to fit into any building project.

Casement Windows

Our Squares UPVC Casement windows are super easy to operate by simply pulling or pushing them inside or outside as the case may be. It also provides perfect sound insulation that allows you enjoys the inner silence of your home or office without external distraction.

Tilt and Turn Windows

You can easily open the windows from top if it's bottom hung type or sideways like in casement windows by simply tilting to a desired angle for better ventilation. Squares UPVC Tilt and Turn windows is designed with specialized hardware to allow these kind of operations.

Grill Series Windows

Squares UPVC Grill Series windows is specially designed with anti-theft rods in series to provide security without sacrificing the refreshing natural air ventilation.


Sliding Doors

Just like sliding windows, Squares UPVC sliding doors are very easy to operate and are available at various sizes base on you building project requirements. This kind of door is very suitable for large offices and shops.

Casement Doors

The Squares UPVC Casement doors delivers perfect sound insulation from external noise while possessing features like termite resistance, weather resistance and more. It is most suitable for your home and offices.

Lift and Slide Doors

Squares UPVC Lift and Slide doors is just perfect for covering large spaces as it's slide build mechanism is very easy and effortless to operate.

Folding Doors

With Squares UPVC Folding doors, it's now easier to decide when to leave your doors wide open, partly open or completely closed with just the same door serving all the purposes whether at home or at work.

Squares UPVC are the leading manufacturers of UPVC windows and doors with manufacturing facility based in Hyderabad. We are trusted by top companies and satisfied customers to deliver flawless product quality as we proclaimed.

For more details visit us @ http://www.squares.co.in Or Contact us @ 9949236666








Associated with the presumed merchants of the market, we can give our clients a quality guaranteed cluster of Aluminum Grill Windows. At specialists' end, these grill series windows are structured using ideal quality aluminum and glass.

For more details visit us @ http://squares.co.in/windows.html Or Contact us @ 9949236666

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upvc doors and windows manufacturers and Suppliers

H.No: -1-89/3/1A,G1, Vasantha Arcade Near Nector Gardens, Madhapur,Hyderabad, hyderabad, Telangana, India, 500081