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653 Princes Hwy, Blakehurst, New South Wales, Australia, 2221

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Luxury, cage-free cat boarding in Sydney’s south. The generous suite provided to every guest. Cattery run by a caring vet and his team of animal health professionals.

Cats are a living creature; they jiggle around their owner giving a feeling of being loved and care. They are an important part of our lives as they spread happiness and love. The owners are concerned about the well-being, hygiene and comfort of their cats so they try their level best to give their baby furs whatever is necessary and essential.

Just like humans love to go on holidays, cats need spare time as well. When we look at this aspect, we look for a cat hotel that might give a stay of life. There is a whole list of hotel cats to talk about but one specific is “The Hotel for Cats” run by Dr. Hamish Bathgate and his team of veterinary professionals. They are located at 653 Princes Hwy, Blakehurst Parking available in Water Street (Just 8.8km south of Sydney Airport). They are available from Monday to Friday: 8am-6: 30 pm and on Saturday: 8:30am-1: 30 pm. They are off on Sundays and on Public holidays. 

This cat kennel welcomes its guests with a number of services that include spacious rooms, five-star service, and Professional Care. The rooms are designed for two cats of the same family who can enjoy watching programs on their own TV. There is a variety of rooms; the choice depends upon the customer’s comfort and demand. The range starts from studio apartments to Library and many more. To look for room pictures and their specifications, you can visit the hotel site at 
In addition to their five-star services and professional care, they also have a section for Extras where they put deals and offers for customers to avail that includes Pamper grooming, Scale and Polish, Taxi service and Nail trim. If you live in Sydney and looking for cat accommodation, you can call Hotel for cats at +61 2 9547 2750 for booking and information.


Health check $68

Cats age around seven years for every one human year and, just like their human slaves, prevention is always better than cure. During a Hotel for Cats stay, our vet can perform a full veterinary health check.

Vaccination $95

Why take your cat out of their comfort zone twice? If your pussycat is nearing their...

Posted: Jul 20, 2018
Viewed: 279

Fancy a new do? Knots getting to you. Then, this is purr-fect for your pussycat.

  • Massage
  • Nail trim
  • Ear clean and refresh
  • Vet supervised full groom lion clip under twilight sedation
  • Aromatherapy shampoo and conditioning treatment
Price: AUD 180.00
Posted: Jul 20, 2018
Viewed: 290

Indoor cats need their nails trimmed regularly. At our hotel, your puddy can have a manicure and pedicure without even leaving their suite. We’ll send them home with trim and terrific nails.

Price: AUD 20.00
Posted: Jul 20, 2018
Viewed: 266

Some guests have special medical requirements like twice daily injections of insulin. If your pussycat is a diabetic, please add this care package on check out so that our trained nurses/servants can give your puddy the specialised care they need.

Price: AUD 5.00
Posted: Jul 20, 2018
Viewed: 294

If your feline friend loves nothing more than finding the warmest spot in the house, hiring a heat pad during your cat’s stay might be just the ticket!

Price: AUD 20.00
Posted: Jul 20, 2018
Viewed: 292


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Hotel for Cats

653 Princes Hwy, Blakehurst, New South Wales, Australia, 2221