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Begin the quest by speaking to Brundt the Chieftain. He explains that the only way to become a Fremennik is if you impress seven of the twelve members of the council of elders enough that they give you their vote.

Each of the seven that consider accepting you have a personal task for you to complete. The other five council members' votes are unattainable.

Manni the Reveller
Items needed: Tinderbox, beer, and 250 coins. (Recommended Camelot Teleport)

Manni the Reveller chathead
You can find Manni in the bar right next to the chieftain. He can be found walking around drinking. Talk to him and challenge him to see who can drink more beer before getting drunk. Take the keg of beer and beer tankard, which can be grabbed off the bar in the longhall.

Talk to him again to drink. You will lose no matter what, while he'll hardly get drunk at all. Go back to Seers' Village, and buy a low-alcoholic keg of beer from a Poison Salesman by the bar for 250 coins. (Note: Buy a Beer here to save time getting the cherrybomb.)

Give the beer to the Council workman, by using it on him, at the end of the bridge to Rellekka to get a cherrybomb (you can get it while walking back from the poison salesman).

Go to the Rellekka bar and look on the outside of the longhall for a pipe. It should be on the east wall - the same side with Olaf the Bard. Light the cherrybomb with your tinderbox; then, hide it in the pipe. Walk into the hall, grab another keg of beer, and use the low-alcoholic keg of beer on the normal keg of beer. The cherrybomb will then explode, distracting the Fremennik and allowing you to switch the contents.

Talk to Manni again once you have switched the contents. After drinking the keg of beer, Manni will give you his vote after noticing that you drunk a whole keg of beer without any side effects.

Olaf the Bard(fast Rs gold buy)

Items needed for Option 1: Combat equipment and a raw shark/manta ray/turtle

Items needed for Option 2: An axe, knife, raw shark/ray/turtle, potato, onion, cabbage, (also 40 Crafting and Woodcutting, and 25 Fletching).

You should see Olaf east of the bar building where you started the quest. He'll give you his vote if you can prove your worth as a bard by performing at the longhall. The first thing you need is a lyre.

There are two ways to get a lyre:

Option 1: The player can kill Lanzig, Borrokar, Lensa or Freidir, who can drop the lyre. However, it is recommended to only kill Lanzig for the lyre, as Borrokar and Freidir have an extremely low drop rate, while Lanzig has an uncommon drop rate for the lyre. Lanzig respawns in approximately 18 seconds and can be killed quicker by world hopping. For mage and range users, you can use the fire in the middle of the room (as a blockade between you and Lanzig) to safe-spot. You can also safe-spot Lanzig by opening the door east, attacking Lanzig, then going two steps east of the door to kill him from a distance.
Lanzig location
Lanzig's location.

Option 2: Make a lyre yourself. First, grab a potato, cabbage, and onion from the vegetable patch in Rellekka before you leave. Once you leave the gates, head east until you find a Swaying tree, and cut a branch off it. You will need an axe (blessed will not work) and a Woodcutting level of 40 in order to cut the tree, and a Crafting level of 40 to make the unfinished lyre.
Then you will then need to string the unfinished lyre, but unfortunately only golden wool will work. Head southeast of the tree until you find several golden sheep and a golden tree. Near them will be a troll called Lalli, who will initially think you want the apples when you want the wool. He will tell you that he already gave it to another human, so go find him.

Note: You MUST start the trial by speaking with Olaf the Bard BEFORE speaking with Lalli or else he will not tell you about the other human.

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