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Amit Upadhyay
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Mar 11, 2019 11:52 AM

Besides the cost of the entire application development process the other deciding factors behind selecting a development agency is the go-to-market time and the experience. Besides all of these the other factor that greatly helps your intentions is the kind of engagement models any agency offers. Based on the technological expertise and advanced concepts, a development agency shall be able to help you synchronize your business strategy accordingly. With the intention of delivering such flexible options in service to our clients, we at BrainMobi offer 5 such engagement models in response to the address every subtle complexity that might arise. We have implemented these models on several successful occasions and have received lauds of appreciation from our clients that makes us one of the top mobile app development company in the market.


Time Shift Model

This model of engagement fits well for those who require the entire development team until the complete project is fulfilled. It the perfect fit for organizations that need to synchronize other strategies of their business with the development team and seek the need to implement important improvisations as a need of time.

Advantage:   This model is the quick communication and immediate briefings it allows.

Is highly recommended for any team which is in need for updates on the development process everyday.


Fixed Development Charges and Time Model

Based on the technical experience and expertise, any team lead is able to craft the entire process accurate to the date of deployment. Based on this technique an organization can let you have the entire routine and corresponding cost aligned to the certainty of the clients requirement.

Advantage: Adds to the certainty factor of any organization and helps them scrutinize their future processes and plan efficiently. Also helps them take financial decisions easily.

OnSite Deployment Model

Onsite deployment Model is a combination of the above two models. Considering that the project is less complex and estimated to be completed easily, this particular model entails deploying our developers to the site on an hourly basis. This relieves the burden of our client from bearing long term responsibilities on the development side and is flexible enough to orient it to your strategies.

Advantage: Cost Efficient. Provides constant updates and information similar to the Time Shift Model.


Dedicated Team Deployment Model

This particular model is somewhat similar to the onsite deployment model except for the fact that the team of developers carry on their development process from the agency's space and process out any communication from there itself. This model is perfectly suited for situations where any business already has its team of tech but requires some expert advice and leads on a particular complex segment of the project.

Advantage: Constant supervision of agency consultants which leads to good solutions


Offshore Development Model

This model is well suited for startups or organizations looking to protect their intellectual properties from any negative influence whatsoever. Keeping this in mind the space of operation and other protocols like mode of operation and entry are also decided as per the client's agreement. As per our experience this model of development is revered by budding organizations and startups at best who don't wish to reveal information about their processes from security concerns.

Advantage: Silent and Sneaky.

Here at BrainMobi you can always Hire Dedicated Software Developer who have had undertaken several development attempts for various kinds of clients, industry verticals, budding organizations and startups. From a business perspective we aim to deliver most flexible choices in order to align with the strategies of our clients perfectly. If you have the idea for a mobile or web application, kindly write to us at .

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