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Jul 18, 2019 12:24 PM

The pen is such an everyday need for most people that a great majority of buyers do not have very specific choices about which pens they have. Very often people asking for a pen at a shop ask for the generic name instead of asking for any specific brand. But this attitude misses the fact that there are several good pen brands which can offer the highest quality of ball pens, gel pens, sketch pens and all other varieties of writing instruments.

This is the reason major pen manufacturing companies need to invest effort and money into advertising at point of sale, or in the form of giveaways to customers, or posters and banners. Let us look at some of the giveaway gifts that pen companies provide to channel partners, customers, and other stakeholders to aid top-of-the-mind recall. These gifts are not well-liked because they are of great value. They are popular because they offer utility to the receiver in his daily routine. Let us take a glance at four of the gifts that pen manufacturers use.

  1. Clothing is the most common and popular gifting idea among pen manufacturers. These could be in the shape of tee-shorts, caps, jackets etc.
  2. Then there are even smaller/cheaper articles of daily use that are used. For example, plastic carry bags, net carry bags, exam boards, market bags, canvas hooker bags etc.
  3. Umbrellas are very popular choices for gifts and giveaways, because they are useful to the receiver and also when they are being used, a lot of people are able to see the name.
  4. Children are good recommenders in any family purchase decision, so many of the gifts and giveaways are stuff that children would like and use, like board games or for school labels.

Above and beyond all this, the quality of the pen must be able to attract customers, and only such freebies might not work always. Elkos Pens brings to you a wide array of quality ball pens, gel pens and pen refills. Do check out its awesome collection made available within competitive price brackets.


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