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Elisha Mutholy
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Dec 27, 2017 05:14 PM

A new family home is a dream and in recent years this has become a more realistic option for even mid-low income families. As the economy has improved and become a significant economic power in the Pacific region, more families can afford to live in housing that is considered luxurious in other parts of the world.

As climate is hot and dry during the summer and usually warm and wet during the winter, housing that is appropriate will be the ones that are usually used in this kind of climate pattern. As such, it is natural for families to adopt ideas from other regions of the world that have similar climates.

The Origin of Plantation Shutters

These shutters originated in Hispanic areas and were originally brought to the North American continent by Spanish colonists in the 15th century. The shutters are based on the idea that family homes improvement want full control over the incoming light, while still able to provide a place for fresh air and drafts to circulate. Plantation shutters differ from standard shutters in that they are:
- inside the home as opposed to the exterior surface
- made of a solid material, such as wood
- built into the window frame itself

There are a number of advantages provided by the main three features of these shutters. As the shutters are inside the home, they can be manipulated easily. Repairs can be done quickly and simply without fuss if needed. Being a solid material, such as wood or metal, means that they are sturdy and strong, with the ability to resist even the strongest of natural elements. Finally, as they are built into the window frame, they increase the value of the home itself and are a great investment for any family.

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