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Dec 19, 2018 03:52 PM

Federal Skilled Worker

From January 1, 2015, Federal Skilled Worker applications are being processed through the Express Entry selection system for immigration to Canada. Candidates eligible under the Federal Skilled Worker Program must first make an expression of interest in immigrating to Canada by creating an online Express Entry profile.

Federal Skilled Worker applications are assessed based on an applicant's ability to become economically established upon Canadian Immigration. All the information you need to apply as a Canada federal skilled worker is here.

Canada federal skilled worker program applications are assessed for eligibility according to the criteria set out below.

CIC will only process your Federal Skilled Workers (FSW) application if you have:

?                                              at least one year of continuous and paid (full-time or an equal amount in part-time) work experience in a single occupation within the last 10 years,

?                                              at skill type 0, or skill levels A or B of the 2011 edition of the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC), and who have this work experience in one of the eligible occupations AND

?                                              You meet all the minimum requirements below

Work Experience

If your application is eligible to be processed, we will then assess it to see if your work experience is valid.

Your work experience must be:

?                                              for at least one year in the same occupation,

?                                              continuous and paid (full-time or an equal amount in part-time),

?                                              within the last 10 years


?                                              skill type 0 (managerial occupations) or

?                                              skill level A (professional occupations) or

?                                              skill level B (technical occupations and skilled trades)

on the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC) list. (The National Occupational Classification is a system used to classify jobs in Canada.)

Language Ability

You must meet minimum language levels and include the results of a language test from an agency approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) when you apply that shows you meet the minimum language requirement of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7.


You must have: a Canadian diploma, certificate, or credential


a foreign educational credential, and an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) by an agency approved by CIC to show it is equal to a completed Canadian secondary or post-secondary educational credential.

About the Application Cap

Due to the large number of applications CIC gets, they will only consider a limited number of applications per year. Between May 1, 2014, and April 30, 2015, they will consider no more than 25,000 complete FSW (Federal Skilled Worker) applications for processing. Within the 25,000 caps, they will consider no more than 1000 applications per eligible occupation for processing within this same time frame.

Six Selection Factors

If you meet all the conditions set out in sections A and B above, we will process your application based on the six selection factors in the skilled worker points grid. They are:

?                                              your skills in English and/or French, Canada's two official languages,

?                                              your education,

?                                              your work experience,

?                                              your age,

?                                              whether you have arranged employment in Canada, and

?                                              your adaptability (how well you are likely to settle here).

Proof of funds

You must also show that you have enough money to support yourself and your family after you arrive in Canada.

Use our free service to find out whether you could qualify for this visa. Fill out the assessment form. Make sure that all the information provided is authentic in order to make a proper assessment

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