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Mar 08, 2019 06:49 PM

A laboratory is such a place where important experiments are conducted. This is the reason why the place needs to be perfectly organized. There should various apparatus, elements, books and many other things. In a basic chemistry laboratory, we generally find a few equipments quite commonly. In the following section, a guide to those equipments will be provided. It is important to know about different accessories as well as equipments carefully. To create a perfect ambiance in the laboratory for working, it is important to get all the essential equipments at the right place. So, here are those laboratory equipments at a glance.

Safety Goggles

When you are working in laboratory, safety should be utmost priority, and there should not be any compromise on this regard. When it comes to safety equipments, we commonly go for the gloves for the hands, fire extinguisher, smoke detector and other safety gadgets. One of the most safety accessories that we generally miss out is the safety goggle. It is important to find good quality goggles for safety of the eyes. In chemistry laboratory, different kinds of researches or experiments are carried out with high reactive elements. These elements and gases can lead to permanent damages to the eyes. For example, ammonia in gaseous form can be dangerous for eyes. High concentrated acid splashes on the eyes can cause permanent damages.

Different Flasks for Storing Chemical Liquids

In order to store chemical liquids, flasks are used quite commonly. If you ask what are laboratory equipment and their uses, you should know about different flasks and their uses. For example, conical flasks are used for storing acidic substance. On the other hand, you shall find Florence flasks, which are also known as boiling flasks. This type of flask can be heated and the glass that is used for making the flasks comes with the power to deal with heating. It is to be noted that some flasks comes with caps. They should not be heated when the caps are closed. If they are required to be heated, only when the caps are open.


For pouring liquids from one jar to another jar, you need funnels. This is basic laboratory equipment that you should have in store in your laboratory. Using funnels is important for two basic reasons. The first thing is that it gives convenience in pouring liquid from one jar to another jar. As a result, there is little loss of the chemical from the jar. The second important thing is that it does not cause any accidents. When pouring reactive chemical liquids, accidents may happen. That can be minimized by using funnels for the purpose of pouring liquid.


It is important to keep a thermometer for measuring temperature at the laboratory. This is a vital equipment or apparatus that you must keep in your laboratory. Using good quality thermometer is required, as sometimes measuring temperature of substances or liquids can be important for the purpose of research or experiment.

Apart from these crucial things, a few more apparatus or equipment’s such as Plastic Desiccator Cabinets, Glove boxes, flow hoods and many more are there. You should make a list of the equipments and keep them in store in your laboratory.

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