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Ruhani DT
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Oct 23, 2018 04:20 PM

In the advent of mobile phones, the rise of smartphone users is increasing. With this exponential growth of smartphone users, the mobile gaming market is also booming. The trade of Android and iOS game development is on the rise. There are various in-house companies who have new gaming ideas but didn’t have the quality to build it or with the lack of skills to develop games. The only solution to this problem is to outsource game development to the best game development company. The most important reason why you should outsource the game development to India is the highly skilled workforce at relatively lower costs than west. One of the best game development companies in India is Dhruva Interactive because it has certain skills that many companies do not have access to, which includes, native coding, testing and localization.


However, you should do the proper research before selecting the best game development company for your project. In search of the game development company, the tough thing is to choose the right one. Following are the elements that might help you to select the right company for outsourcing your product:

There are many key elements that help to discover the right company for outsourcing your project :

The overall experience of the company:

First of all, the experience of the company is very important since the reliable portfolio of the company helps to build trust in it. Say, for example, if a company is having an experience of 4 to 5 years in the game development field, they have developed many games already and have a good experience as well.  This experience might help them to build a product you’re actually looking for. You should analyse the company’s portfolio, reviews, and testimonials to check whether they are capable of developing it or not.

The services of mobile game development:

The next thing is to check whether the services they provide a match with your requirements or not. Usually, the best game development company delivers services like Android game development, iPhone or Ipad game development and windows development. Moreover, their genre of games includes:

  • role-playing game,

  • strategy game,

  • action game,


  • family game etc.

Choosing a complete process of game development:

While choosing the best game development company, you must look for the team’s support and the flow of the entire development process.  Right from the beginning to the end of the final product, the developer should keep in touch with you. This level of transparency in all stages of game development is very important. There’s a pipeline that every standard game development company follows to produce better results. It includes


  • conceptualization of the product

  • selection of perfect style for the game

  • development of objects

  • backgrounds and animations

  • coding of the game

  • building the UI designs

  • Integration of all gaming elements

  • Different levels of testing

  • Final Submission.

Delivery Time:

Besides the delivery of cutting-edge game development, you also need to make sure about the time of delivery. The best mobile development company provides the best-in-class services within the required time which in turn enhances their reputation too. You should always check and select the companies that deliver projects on promising time.


Mobile game development cost:

One of the most important factors in outsourcing game development is ‘Cost’. After analysing all the above-said things, you should compare the prices between many companies and should find the right match for you.

Thus, keeping all the above factors in mind, you should choose the right game development company.

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