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Rosie Joy
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Mar 11, 2019 10:55 AM

Bodybuilders are always on the search of supplements that aid them in their journey of transforming their body. As the saying rightly goes, bodybuilding isn’t just a sport; it’s a whole different lifestyle. So, if you are in this game of gains, you’ll have to ensure that everything you put in your body boosts your body’s muscular hypertrophy process. Interestingly, sildenafil tablets can help with that.

So, what is sildenafil?

Possibilities are that you already know what this drug this. Yes! Don’t be surprised, but sildenafil is the active ingredient in the widely popular Viagra. Today, sildenafil tablets are sold in the market under the name Viagra, which is a brand patented by the pharmaceutical company, Pfizer.

However, most people know it as a medicine to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Apart from its usage to treat impotence, many also use Viagra for recreational purposes. Although the most common users are older men who suffer from low libido and sexual drive, younger men use it too.

Now, you may be wondering how a drug used to treat impotence can help build larger muscles! The fact is bodybuilders all around the world use sildenafil to maximise their muscle development and performance in the gym.

Using sildenafil as an additional supplement

Your body involves in taking many supplements to augment the process of muscular hypertrophy and accelerate the gain of muscle mass. Moreover, you have to make sure that all the nutrients you consume are transferred effectively through your body. Now, your blood is responsible for carrying all the nutrients and supplements to every different part of your body.

Read on to know in details.

  • Sildenafil inhibits PDE-5

Apart from Viagra, sildenafil is widely available as generic Cialis onlineThese categories of drugs are classified as PDE-5 inhibitors that block the action of cyclic guanosine monophosphate, causing smooth muscles to relax. As a result, blood flows to tissues and muscles increase.

  • It raises Nitric Oxide –

Nitric oxide is a vasodilator which means it increases the diameter of blood vessels so that more blood can flow through them. That is why bodybuilders use it as a pre-workout supplement to get a massive pump. Sildenafil online is available in many different names like Levitra and Cialis.

How can the increased blood flow help?

More blood supply to muscles has the following effects in exercising –

  • Increased power output and strength.
  • Reduced muscle fatigue.
  • Increased muscle protein synthesis.

All these effects result in an overall increase in muscle gain and bulk.

Additionally, studies show that this tablet can boost testosterone levels. Testosterone is the primary hormone that supports anabolic and androgenic gains. Higher levels of testosterone in the body have benefits like elevated stamina and endurance, lower body fat, lean tissue, increased energy and motivation.

Thus, due to the possible benefits of these drugs, its use in the bodybuilding world is increasing rapidly. Now, after knowing about how it can help you with bodybuilding, you may consider taking it. Buy sildenafil online and gain its benefits conveniently.



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