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Jan 30, 2019 05:37 PM

CEN4GEN is a Canadian owned, licensed private corporation, which excels as a leader in providing diverse and vital services for DNA testing / genetic testing. Our private and confidential DNA testing / genetic testing services offer you many advantages such as cost effectiveness, expedited time to wait for results and choice of a wider selection of customized, unique and sometimes rare testing options currently unavailable elsewhere. Our DNA testing / genetic testing services further support doctors to understand clinical symptoms, to make diagnostic decisions, and to provide better treatments and patient care.


We offer more than 1800 molecular diagnostic tests with relevance to genetic disorders/medical conditions, cancer treatment, infectious diseases, tissue/organ transplantation, and personalized medicine. This includes the ability to analyze more than 6000 medically relevant and disease-associated genes found in the human genome. We have an experienced healthcare professional staff who utilize state of the art genome analysis  technologies and up-to-date scientific and medical resources to provide cost effective, comprehensive, quality, private and confidential diagnostic testing services. All testing is performed in accredited environments, which further reinforces the high standards, accuracy and quality of CEN4GEN diagnostic services.  At CEN4GEN, we offer you the following DNA testing/ genetic testing services:


1. Molecular genetic testing: important for testing you for cancer, cardiac disorders, obesity, eye disorders, language and speech disorders, seizures, metabolic disorders, neurological disorders, lung disorders, movement disorders, bone disorders and many more.


2. Cytogenetic testing: most often recommended for testing you, if you have symptoms including developmental, movement, speech, or learning problems.


3. Biochemical genetic testing: helps to diagnose metabolic medical conditions you may have.


3. Personal genome testing: most comprehensive genetic test which provides a blueprint of genetic insights into your DNA, and with relevance to your health.


3. Carrier genetic testing: important for your family planning, and to determine if you are a carrier of a genetic medical condition that is at high risk of being transmitted to your child.


4. Presymptomatic genetic testing: recommended if you have a family history of a genetic medical condition or illness but with no current symptoms yet. This test is used to detect if you have any genetic findings associated with such medical condition or illness. Often, the testing results could be used to delay or even prevent the onset of such medical condition or illness; obtain better clinical care with your healthcare providers; or plan changes in your lifestyle and dietary habits.


5. Predictive genetic testing: determines if you as a healthy individual with or without a family history, could develop certain genetic medical conditions or illnesses. It examines the potential for developing medical conditions during adulthood, such as cancer, heart disease and so on. The testing results could be used to receive better clinical care with your healthcare providers to delay or even prevent the onset of the medical condition, as well as to make changes to your lifestyle and dietary habits.

6. Newborn screen genetic testing: screens your newborn baby for very common genetic medical and metabolic conditions prevalent in the population. The majority of these genetic disorders screened are treatable when detected early in your baby, and therefore reinforces the importance of this type of DNA testing / genetic testing.


7. Prenatal genetic testing: investigates genetic material harvested from your developing fetus for a suspected genetic medical condition, or to screen you as an expectant mother for common genetic disorders in the developing fetus for Down's syndrome and so on.


8. Preimplantation genetic testing: important to screen your pregnancy conceived by in vitro, fertilization for genetic disorders. This test can benefit you if you are a high risk couple, by lowering the risk or even preventing the transmission of certain known genetic condition(s) to your child. It could also eliminate your dilemma of pregnancy termination often associated with the unfavorable prenatal diagnosis of a genetic medical condition.


9. Infectious disease DNA testing: identifies the presence or absence of genetic material associated with microorganisms or pathogens in your biological samples, and correlates such finding with the diagnosis your infection or how your health can be affected.  Our testing has higher sensitivity and accuracy compared to conventional prior methods for infectious disease testing and could be helpful to establish a diagnosis when your doctor is uncertain what is causing your infection.


10. Paternity /siblingship / relationship DNA testing: establishes with statistical certainty whether you are biologically related or not to other people.


11. Tissue or organ transplantation donor/recipient DNA testing: determines whether you a suitable match for tissue or organ transplantation, and is more accurate compared to prior conventional methods.


12.  Pharmacogenomic testing: examines the influence of certain mutations in your DNA and how they influence your body’s response to certain medications. This test helps you identify medications that are more suitable, potent, cost effective and have less adverse side effects for treating your medical conditions or illnesses.


13. Cancer precision medicine services: help you as a cancer patient with more efficient, improved accuracy and cost effective patient care; as well as with better quality of life and more successful treatments.


To learn more about CEN4GEN services, visit us at:

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