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Lolga Vip
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Nov 25, 2017 08:28 AM

The European Cup fifth day ended Cheap FIFA 18 Coins all the contest, a total of 12 teams a total of 48 teams, of which 16 teams have confirmed the qualifying from the group.

They are Arsenal, Atlanta, Braga, Dynamo Kiev, Bucharest Star, Lazio, Lyon, AC Milan, Nice, Ostersund, Belgrade guerrillas, Pilsen Victory, Royal Society, Salzburg Red Bull, Villarreal and Zenit.

Atlanta beat Everton 5-1 at Goodison Park to create the biggest victory the Italian team won against the British team in the European war games. Milan and Lazio are also the first team in their respective teams qualify for the playoffs.

Compared to the collective highlights of the Serie A top three, the Bundesliga team in the European Union arena is slightly downturn, in addition to still maintain the suspense of the Cologne, Hoffenheim and Hertha Berlin have been out of the team.

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