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Dec 11, 2019 03:46 PM

As much as we know, there are several causes of erectile dysfunction, both physical and psychological. And smoking is one of these erectile dysfunction/impotence causes. Do you know what smoking actually does to your body and how it can affect one’s erection? Why not just find it out.

However, if you stop smoking, it is very obvious that it will not only improve your erection but also overall health. No doubt, smoking damages the blood vessels and erection is completely dependent on vessels as it carries the flowing blood and holds it for erection. Let’s go through the discussion.


Smoking on blood vessels

Do you know how an erection happens? Once a man is sexually aroused, the nervous system stimulates the blood vessels to increase the blood flow by expanding the vessels. This is how a man gets erected.

In case when you are used to smoking, erectile dysfunction/impotence is more likely to affect you. Well, let’s talk a little about erectile dysfunction. Do you really feel erectile dysfunction can affect anyone randomly? No, it is just a myth. It all depends on you if your overall health is good there is no way you can get affected by erectile dysfunction.

However, medications like generic viagra 200mg can help with erectile dysfunction as it can stimulate blood vessels for erection but still, you could see degrade in erection quality because of smoking.

As already said, sexual health depends on both your physical and psychological health. If you are having a good health scenario, there are very rare chances that you will ever be affected by erection problems. However, erectile dysfunction is a common problem as age increases, smoking can lead to it in young age as well that will be a disaster.


What do researches say?

Talking about the researches, smoking if found harmful not only for erection but one’s overall health. Men with heavy smoking habits carry more chances of developing erectile dysfunction problems.

A comparison between a smoker and non-smoker took place to see whose erection was better. Guess what, non-smoker had better erection and ejaculation in comparison with a smoker. Believe it or not, but smoking is like inviting erectile dysfunction yourself.

Well, many kinds of research have also introduced medications like tadalafil tablets 60mg that help treat erectile dysfunction. Men consider it the perfect cure and yes, it is a perfect cure but one will have to stop smoking to make this medication even work.

You need to understand that erectile dysfunction is a common problem as the age increases. But, if you develop impotence when you are young, it, in some way indicates you are somewhat carrying some health issue. Smoking is surely one of them, so it is better to quit smoking and move towards a healthy and active lifestyle.



How to avoid smoking?

Well, it is not going to be as easy as it is sounding. Once you get used to one thing, it is always tough to move on no matter whether it is smoking or some other habit.  All depends on your will power and determination, as you put in your other serious matters. Smoking is a tough lust but you can make it go preparing yourself for it.

We have got a small plan that might help you overcome your smoking problem and ultimately improve erection.

  • Pick your quit day: It is always good to set a deadline for your goal. Choosing a quit day and plan things accordingly will help achieve your goal. Ask yourself how much time you need to recover yourself and pick a day. Everything does not end here, you will have to start working on your heavy smoking habit now.


  • Engage yourself: Get yourself busy in other things. We know it sounds a bit silly but it actually helps because you could draw yourself form the thought of smoking. As said, it all depends on your mental strength.


  • Move slow: Bad habits take time to fade away so you need not rush. Things will take time to happen so never think of completely stop smoking from the very first day, it may cause a functional imbalance in the body. Slowly decrease the amount of cigarette intake, day by day. One day, you will make it zero with no more lust for it.


  • Medications for erection: As you know, you will take the time to move on from your smoking habit completely. But, will your sex life pause for that long? No, for sure. In such time, you can go for medications like Levitra dosage 40 mg to help you with your erection. Later on, the erection will happen ultimately once you improve things.

| Check: How Levitra 40mg Treat ED So Fast 

These were some tips or you can consider them as steps as well. They might be helpful to get you away from the habit of heavy smoking. Hopefully, they will help.



This was how smoking can cause you erectile dysfunction and also how you can get rid of your smoking and move towards a happy sexual relationship. I hope it helps you!

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