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Lolga Vip
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Nov 28, 2017 08:20 AM

According to Spanish news, Bell may be Buy FIFA 18 Coins coming back to Fuenlabrada's King's Cup in midweek.

Local time on the afternoon of November 26, Real Madrid team conducted the first training after the match with Malaga, which had been injured Bell and the team completed a normal training session, this is Bell injured after mid-January for the first time Complete the training.

Spain believes that the fight with Fuenlabrada on Tuesday, Bell is likely to come back. El Bernabeu believes that the King's Cup will be Bell's first fight back, and if the situation is smooth, weekend and Athletic Bilbao, Bell may be played.

Bell was diagnosed with a tearing of the muscle fibers on the back of the thigh on November 11 and has since been absent from the game. This is the second truce this year since Bell began.

In addition, the first players who fought World War I in Malagasy removed Vasquez and Carvajal in the room for restorative training, while others performed low-intensity activities in the training ground. Te Hiro, Manu-Hernández, Zisa Da, Theo Ani, Oscar from Castilla and Muha from Team A also participated in the joint training.

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