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Derek Demeo
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Nov 24, 2017 04:14 PM

Google is the best search engine for information seekers while Amazon is considered as the top search engine for buyers & e-commerce sellers. Business owners think that making a product listing on Amazon will help grow their business. They need to understand that just making a product listing on Amazon will not increase sales; they have to optimize their products listings on Amazon. It is to be noted that optimizing product listing not only improves sales but also increases visitors, boost conversions and grows profits.

Business owners must note that optimizing product listing on Amazon is not a difficult task. Anyone can successfully do Amazon product listing optimization with proper knowledge and guidance. What all Amazon sellers should do is that they must understand Amazon Algorithm and follow 8 useful tips for Amazon product Listing optimization presented below.

Perform Keyword research & select the right keywords

One of the most important parts of Amazon product listing optimization is Keyword Research. You have to do detailed keyword research to find out most relevant/right keywords for your product. Not only this, you have to include all the relevant keywords in your product listing otherwise your product will not be found for a particular search query.  It has been noticed that 70% of search queries are long- tail words, therefore, it is highly recommended by Amazon SEO experts to select long-tail keywords for your Amazon product listing. Use Sonar, Amazon keyword research tool, to perform keyword research because it will save your time and energy.

Add keywords in 5 different places (product title, bullet points, product description, etc)

Not only selecting the right keyword is crucial for your product’s higher ranking in Amazon SERPs but the placement of those keywords in appropriate places is equally important. It is to be noted that you cannot fit all researched keywords in listing text. You have to make a list of extremely important keywords (most relevant keywords) and others. Then adjust extremely important ones in the following 5 key places:

  • Product title
  • Product description
  • Bullet points
  • Filename of product image
  • Amazon’s special keywords (These keywords are not mega tags, Amazon asks you to provide 7 keywords when you try to upload a product listing on Amazon)

Upload 5- 6 images of your product that meet Amazon’s product image requirements

Product image is one of the most important factors that influence purchasing decision of shoppers. High-quality images lead to conversions and more conversions result in higher ranking. Upload 5-6 high-quality images of your product that meet Amazon’s product image requirements. Moreover, uploaded pictures should be able to motivate the customers to buy a product.

What type of pictures motivates customers to buy a product?

  • A collage that shows how to use a product.
  • Picture of product packaging
  • Picture that emphasizes on size of the product
  • Image that shows product from many angles

Write a keyword-rich product title

Product title has a direct influence on product’s performance in search. A perfect product title drives traffic to your product’s listing. It is to be noted that a perfect Amazon product title is balanced, easy to read and keyword rich. A keyword-rich title does not mean you should over stuff your title. Overstuffing title with keywords is now an outdated technique that can negatively affect sales.  You can create great Amazon product title with the help of following formula.

( Main/most relevant keyword) by ( name of the brand )( 3 high volume keywords that effectively describe your product )(quantity/size)

(keep the title within 200 characters (including spaces)

Note: Amazon has given specific title format for some of its categories.  For example, brands that sell towels or blankets have to follow the format given below.

Brand- product line- material -product type –quantity- color

Write a convincing copy of bullet points

It is to be noted that product relevant keywords used in the title help the customer find your product on Amazon.  Product’s appealing main image motivates the customer to click on the listing. In the product listing, the customer will go through your product’s bullet points to know why he/she must buy your product and what positive change it can bring in his/her life. It means adding convincing bullets points (having keywords that you could not use in product title) into product listing you can persuade a customer to buy your product. We should not forget here that conversion rate (CR) influences Amazon’s SERP. The products with higher CR rank well on Amazon’s search results.

Choose the right Amazon category for your product

We know that customers often browse by category. If you select a wrong category for your product, you would miss out your potential customers, which will result in fewer sales. Therefore, always select the right category for your product on Amazon. If you don’t know which category is relevant to your product, find your competitors on Amazon and know in which category they have placed their products.

Generate sales

It is said that spike in sales takes a product to the top of Amazon search. In order to generate sales, the seller has to drive both internal and external traffic to the product listing. For driving internal traffic to product listing use PPC ads and for driving external traffic to product listing use Facebook ads. Top ranking products sell more and products that sell more rank higher in Amazon search.

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