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Harmion Morris
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Nov 28, 2017 03:07 PM

You might be over the moon when finally a long-expected call has buzzed. Congratulations! The scheduling of an interview could bring a delightful smile on anyone's face, particularly who has been struggling to make a start. There are all the reasons to be happy when the efforts have finally borne fruits. At the same time, there will be some anxiousness – how you are going to face the interview, will you be able to create the right impression. Many such questions would cross the mind, once that zeal of happiness calms down. On paper, you might be a perfect candidate, but how will you prove. What points will aid in scoring high in an interview and completely ace it in style? 
Follow these simple steps to rock an interview and get that coveted job you have always desired for :

1. Arrive before time :

When you are scheduled to be at the company's location at a given time, take efforts to reach the place at least 15 to 20 minutes before. This gives the person a good breathing time and calms down those nervous jitters that are normal before an interview. As the comfort factor increases, you can have a look around at the surroundings as well as check out the company culture, how employees interact and notice other small things. However, be careful not to turn up too late, or too early at the firm which might cause an inconvenience to the committee involved in interviewing candidates

2. Ace the basics :

The apparels you choose for the big day need not be necessarily expensive. Just spend some time on self-grooming and wear comfortable outlook that gives you a professional look. Get the basics right if you do not want to stumble on the frequently asked questions. Narrating mugged up answers can be seen merely as a passe and the interviewer will just brush you off if the answer is similar to other candidates. The interview panel might be experts in the field, but practicing answers well for an interview only shows you rule the domain and are focused on meeting work targets.

3. Never come up with blatant lies :

Not researching an organization's details or just babbling about the firm's technical proficiency when the company is into support business can be quite tumultuous. You will not be able to meet the eyes of an interviewer, and this could be a big let down even if you have all the potential capabilities. Also, exaggerating accomplishments on resume can invite complex questions. Include them only if you have substantial evidence to back up those lines written in the document. 

4. Ask the right questions :

As an interview comes to an end, a hiring manager would certainly give a chance to a candidate to speak up his/her mind. Use this opportunity to ask some intelligent questions that show you have really put thought before applying for the job. Directly blurting out a 'no' when it's your turn to ask questions can show traces of disinterest in the job. However odd they might be, do not be afraid to ask worthwhile questions regarding work culture, allowances and what prospects they are looking in an ideal candidate. It would always be a learning experience and shows your enthusiasm towards the job. 

5. Remember to send a thank you note :

Successfully managed to put your best foot forward in an interview?  Well, what about the last remaining bit? If you want to be remembered by an interviewer, never forget to send a thank you mail. This nice gesture not only creates a lasting impression, but also shows you are genuinely interested in the position. 

At the end, giving answers to the standard or awkward interview questions is an art, and the recruiter is deliberately going to ask questions that will throw you off guard. If you want the interviewer to remember your sound bites, just give articulate answers backed with real-life examples. There are hundreds of tips available on Google on how to nail an interview. Reading each of them would definitely clutter your mind more. Just believe in yourself – you are going to be a winner! Be punctual, prepare well and give polished answers if you want to stand out for all the right reasons.

Author Bio : 

Harmion Morris is a career adviser by profession. She is always eager to share her knowledge and experiences on various topics related to myriads of professions through her blog ECG: Expert Career Guidance and also contributor to BSR : Resume Samples.

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