Input/Output > Machine Input Output

Important Note:

  1. First of all see last statement and analysis last statement and trying to find out logic like how Input data arranged whether it is ascending or descending order.
  2. Once find out the logic, check data are shifting from left to right or right to left.
  3. Maximum (N-1) Arrangement need to arrange any input data. Here N is the number of element, words or numbers that fives in the first steps. Like if INPUT is 95 Crazy 89 Other 99 Orange 80 Apple 75 Banana than N = 10 and to arrange all input data MA machine need total 9 steps.
  4. Machine can no find out backward steps. Like if given that any machine gives output in step 5 is 95 Crazy 89 Other 99 Orange 80 Apple 75 Banana and ask to find step 4 output, in this case always give answer ' Cannot be determined ' without investing more time in that questions.
  5. To find particular step ( Let x) for any input, logically pick 1st x alphabetical word or numbers in increasing order and just place them before the remaining word or numbers.This is the case Apply when given Input is an  'Increasing Order' & For Decreasing Order last x word or numbers should be picked.