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Prakash Aryal
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Nov 29, 2018 02:39 PM

A long ways past the ordinary round of Annapurna trail in the north-west lies concealed valley called Nar and Phu towns which stayed unfamiliar by trekkers for long time. The region for the trekkers was limited until 2002 A.D. what's more, considered as badly designed goal to visit because of absence of nourishment and convenience offices. The spiritualist trekking in the one of a kind valley has increased much prevalent step by step because of its rich social legacy in wanderer arrive and astounding situation of lovely mountains too difficult Kang La Pass (5100m) while in transit to join normal Annapurna circuit trail.

The trek begins from Jagat, which lies along Annapurna Circuit trail, and afterward leaves the primary circuit trail from Koto to pursue the less ventured out trails to Nar Phu valley. Trekkers get the chance to investigate the remote mountain valley trails in the north of Manang and pass the Kang La pass (5315m) with amazing all encompassing perspectives of the Annapurna massif. Kang La pass associates Nar to Manang and Bhotia towns in the Neyshang valley.

The trek heads toward the west of Nar Phu Valley Trek to achieve the most elevated rise in Annapurna Circuit trail, Thorong La Pass at 5416 m. At that point the trekkers slip to bring down Mustang following the trails prompting blessed Muktinath before going to Jomsom. The trek at long last closes at Jomsom following flights to Pokhara and after that to Kathmandu.

The trek to this detached mountain valley offers a fascinating comprehension of medieval Tibetan culture in the region. Any trekker investigating this piece of the world will treasure the regular, social and verifiable legacy.

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