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Jared Leto
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Aug 31, 2018 03:49 PM

PacBell is the email that every user prefer. Due to its simple user interface or the features. But it happens sometimes that users of this email confront with certain problems like resetting the password, configuration error, problem in sending & receiving emails and much more. Apart from that, the issue of attachment is widely addressed by the users. If you are also the one facing trouble with PacBell email attachment then get in touch with PacBell customer Support  that can be dialed at any time of the day. You don’t need to worry about the problem you are facing at all when experts are here for help.

Solution: troubleshooting email attachment issue in PacBell

Below some steps are given through which you can fix the problem yourself. Just follow them as they are given.

 Fix the issues that appear while downloading the attachments:

  • Check browser settings: – Check that you are using the supported browser with the updated Check cookies, cache & clear them. If you are still not able to download the attachment, then check the browser download setting, there you will find in Options, click on Tools or preference menu in the browser from there you can change the download setting and can change the save file directories.
  • Reduce file size: – Often happen the size of the file differs a lack in to download the file in PacBell Email, you can share the up to 50 files one time in an email but the maximum size has the 25MB. If you to exceed the size of the file then you have to share with using Dropbox or youSendit.
  • Remove special character from the fie name: – Make sure to avoid using the special character like @, $, %, &,* because this special character might cause a problem with the attachment file.
  • Reformat encrypted files: – Make sure the sender and recipient have shared the encrypted file. If in case of the file looks like garbled or won’t able to open might the possibility of the encrypted If Encrypted files are sent both senders as well receiver should have the key to decode to open the file. Make sure the file has to be un-encrypted and ask the sender to resent it again.

If the above steps did not work in getting rid of the issue then it’s recommended that you must connect with PacBell Customer Support number where the technical executives will help you out. This toll-free number is 24×7 accessible for every user of PacBell mail.

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