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Carol Caroes
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Dec 14, 2018 12:05 PM

4 Dark type families (3 Alolan forms, 1 mega), and a mere 2 ghost type families (one Alolan form). Let runescape gold for sale Go does admittedly do more to address things than FRLG, but it kind of a half hearted effort when it doesn even include evolutions of gen 1 Pokmon like Scizor, Steelix, Umbreon, Kingdra, ect. FRLG at least had the decency to let you use them in post game.


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he could be leak bait, DLC, cut character, idk there are too many possibilities for me touch on.Of course there are a lot of other things like Wendy promo having a possible Golden Sun item, Sakurai Mech toy post, Phil Spencer tweets, etc. But the Grinch leak has way too much going for it. It might seem crazy that we get all these character but look at the ones we got so far.

lol Plus come on guys, Ultimate drops worldwide 40 days from now, the game itself is finished, Nintendo is printing promotional material and ready to market merchandise for one of the biggest games of all time, rumors of a final build is suppose to be at the tournament Sakurai tweeted about. It not out of the realm of any possibly that someone finally leaked the rest of the roster this close to the release date. 14 points submitted 13 days ago

So Nintendo are either smart enough to deliberately leak fake characters to throw leakers off, or dumb enough to give a random no name french company access to the full "everyone is here" mural over a month before the release of the game, even though it been established that they otherwise been secretive to the point that many of their own employees didn know about Ridley until his official reveal?

Additionally, I may be making an incorrect assumption here, but the company also having an empty version of the mural could also imply that the french company had a role in designing the mural to some extent, which wouldn make sense. Nintendo would do that internally to minimise leaks. Could be that they intend to display the empty mural some places too, just like at E3. even though the leak version is seemingly missing several notable parts of the E3 mural, such as the castle and a waterfall.

FRLG had far more than 151 Pokmon, even without trading, plus an expansive new area in the Sevii Isles, which consisted of over 9 new islands full of Pokmon not available in the rest of the game. It also had two game corners, breeding, an Elite 4 rematch with expanded teams, and post game encounters with the Legendary beasts. 1 point submitted 27 days ago

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