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Anagha Sathyapal
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Dec 05, 2017 11:17 AM

Beauty Spa Management software :- In India a wide range of the spa management is done in traditional manual methods, as it is the 21st century and every field of business is getting digitalized its time to change these traditional methods, for this sole purpose we introduce you to a new software system of spa management that is Beauty spa management software.This Beauty Spa management software system developed by Cybrosys Techno Solutions helps your customers to do the all the services via online.

Major Features Provided by Beauty spa managment software :

    - Online Booking instead of walk-in Facility
    - Accounting Facility to track the financial status.
    - Customer Notification Through Mail to make your consumers aware.
    - User Interactive Dashboard for better understandability and readability.
    - Customer Can view the Available chairs and order details.
    - Different access levels for Users and Administrator so that you can maintain your personal     record s   separately

Functionalities of the beauty spa management software system :

- Track the chair for user on date

-  One of the important advantages of having this beauty Spa management system is your customers who have done the online booking in your spa will get the booking info via email. By using an application like this, you can improve your business.

to know more about the beauty spa management software visit

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