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Sanchit Sawant
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Feb 27, 2019 04:05 PM

Scientific research and development are taking sharp turns at a rapid pace and hence, we all must be having some idea of 2d materials for research such as grapheme which is the most popular stuff that is known to the populace whenever it comes to 2D materials and research. The state of the art is leaving no stone unturned and hence, scientific research in all fields are developing in leaps and bounds. Same is the case with research for 2d materials. Scientists have already worked with some known stuff such as Stanene, Silicene, Bismuthene, People also know about Borophene and Germanene.
Some other 2d stuff such as Phosphorene and Graphene has been worked with. A few hits at a browsing engine can get us these famous names but it has its own intricacies of research and mechanism of research.
Besides the application in scientific research these 2d materials must have some commercial purpose as well. Yes, Graphene is the most widely used 2d material that has commercial usage besides being used by scientists in their labs and research works. This can be called the most popular among all the other 2d materials known to us in the present times.
Applications of 2d materials for research explained

For research also the material needs to allow the scientists to use it, hence, features does matter. To use Graphene is easier than using any other 2d material. Its features and characteristics are best for being used in research. When grapheme is used as 2d materials for research the first thing that comes to our mind is, remodeling of bones. Yes, medical science is improving in leaps and bounds and hence, the research upon human bone tissue formation is taking place centering on grapheme.
In fact photoacoustic tomography and thermoacoustic tomography are the arenas where grapheme is used owing to its property of creating contrasting images. The medical science of bone tissue application also involves usage of graphene has multifarious usages in terms of medical science research. Other than that many materials does have a poor thermal conductivity. Graphene helps in enhancing the thermo regulation and hence, the thermal conductivity increases.

Other applications of 2d materials

General electronic gadgets using techniques such as light emitting diodes, liquid crystal display and touch screens are using grapheme and hence, its wide availability, popularity and usage can be understood. In fact grapheme can form strong covalent bonds and hence, it is quite robust, sturdy and durable as well. This property is used at times for various purposes to be served. Scientists are working hard to invent more applications of 2d materials so that they are having useful applications in our daily lives. In fact applications in which high amount of electrical dynamism are required they make use of grapheme so that it meets the requirement. In fact it can be used as a lubricant too; it can reduce the rate of friction.

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